I see where Rep. Liz Cheney isn't interested in affecting a quick American withdrawal from Afghanistan. One that would leave the Taliban with too much territory and too much clout to suit her.

Well, U.S. forces have been there for nearly 18 years without winning a decisive victory. Absurd. We should have left before 2006, and could have if the Bush/Cheney regime had kept its focus on winning in Afghanistan instead of weakening efforts there to get into a totally needless war in Iraq. That was a war Liz supported, by the way.

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In short, she supported a course that prolonged the U.S. presence in Afghanistan for several years after it could have been ended, and now she wants to prolong it even more. Costs in lives and dollars be damned.

Apart from a few Wyomingites who somehow financially benefit from Liz being in Congress, the folks who voted her into office aren't really very bright.

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RICHARD MILLER, Thermopolis 



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