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Miller: Death overrides pride

Miller: Death overrides pride

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Won't take the vaccine huh? Will all those that have COVID raise your hand. Will all those that don't know if they have COVID raise your hand. If you have not raised your hand you are probably a liar. You just don't know.

I don't feel there is much difference in me dropping a cartridge in a cylinder, spinning it and clicking you, I just don't know but we do know you could die. Those that have died of COVID have a hard time expressing their feelings about how the economy is doing or their loved ones that they might have passed on the infection.

While even one loss is one to many, we hear now some may have already died of the vaccine. But the numbers don't lie, the vaccine saves lives and the herd has to be vaccinated or dead to get herd immunity.

If it were a case of information that's correctable. But it seems to be a case of misinformation, the refusal of the pathological lying fascist in Florida to mask up would have you and your loved ones do the same without batting an eye just because he could. Don't forget you could die, we don't know and don't forget all the Special Treatment he received when he was infected. You Mother, Father, Sons, Daughters, and Grandchildren won't be getting that.

And there is no guarantee, at least I can't seem to find mine so the next best thing for me is to try and be prepared. We know the vaccine will not keep anyone from getting COVID but it is suppose to reduce the chance of dying from it.

The families of those I've know that have had deaths by it tell me it's the most horrible death they have ever seen. I hope you never get it, I'd like to think you care the same for me.

Perhaps not.

Pride can be a overriding terribly strong emotion, but death can override it. And we just don't know who is and who is not.



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