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Miller: How can we believe what you say?

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Concerning your recent comments in the Star Tribune, you declare that you have Wyoming values yet you support the biggest lie in history. You say Biden policies are radical but they’re actually more in the center, and he is doing things other than seeking revenge to his enemies. You claim to fight for the constitution but you bow to a traitor to the same. Like our current representation in Washington you will surly do what you are told by the party, that way you can keep the wonderful life style that election mean. You hold Biden as the worst president in history after he inherited the mess that the real worst President in history intentionally left behind. Biden’s detractors won’t touch on the brilliant way he had handled the Ukraine issue, as well as others issues, many out of his control. We are starting to make progress on all the challenges we face because the current administration is focused on solving problems, unlike the reds that cry wolf over everything, but never have solutions to help the country forward. The radical right is using lies to stir up people to believe that things are much worse than they are. These Americans don’t realize that they are being driven by foreign mistruths and double speak, mainly from China and Russia. Trump and Tucker are heroes on Russia national TV. The Trump Republican Party is working take away freedoms and entitlements as fast as the Supreme Court will let them. Will your Cowboy Ethics shine though when it’s time to decide if a woman’s freedom to control her own body is being legislated. If you can’t come clean on the big lie, how can we believe anything you say in the future.



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