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Miller: Long live the King!

Miller: Long live the King!



Long live the king!

The most recent issue of "The Nation" tells us that many Americans, including some Republicans, are worried about Donald Trump not conceding and stepping down should he lose to Joe Biden. Some have even formed groups whose aim is to prevent that and ensure a transition of power.

I think this concern is well-founded, but I doubt that any group will get him out of the White House if he wants to keep living there. Nothing else has worked to get him out, so why should we think merely losing an election would do the trick?

I say to hell with it. Let's just cancel this election and arrange for a coronation ceremony instead. I'm sure the chief rabbi of Israel would be happy to fly over and place the crown on Donald's head, after clearly identifying him as the "Chosen One" of God.

Yeah, a lot of people would be unhappy. But as King of America, Donald would have no problem in capturing and executing the main dissenters while terrorizing the rest into silence.

Think of it. We'd have our very own king, just like England, and ours wouldn't be a figurehead!

Hooray for Donald! Long live the King!



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