Miller: This thing stinks to high heaven

Miller: This thing stinks to high heaven



Sheridan County is noted for its world-class fishing rivers. But, lately the stench of rotten fish is emanating from Sheridan City Hall. We just had a special election on a supposedly nonpartisan city issue, but the election was made into a very partisan election through the use of at least one partisan PAC that placed hundreds of signs all over the city.

I reported this to the Speaker of the House Steve Harshman and pleaded before the election to have him get the state DCI to investigate these possible election law violations. Our local news media and the local radio stations blatantly ignore and refuse to investigate the corruption at City Hall and on the City Council, which has been going on for three past mayoral administrations.

The City of Sheridan has not had an independent audit for perhaps decades. That should be a first priority immediately. I pleaded with the state DCI to get involved; their excuse was that local authorities must ask for help before they do so. The FBI doesn’t need to be asked to get involved in federal elections. The  DCI shouldn’t have to be asked to investigate state/local election law violation. The level of corruption in Sheridan city government is rumored on the streets. The local monopolistic media all refuse to investigate the suspected corruption and possible misuse of city funds. A tight group of very wealthy people have too much influence on this and past city councils.

Whitney Benefits, a nonprofit organization, has its executive director as a sitting member of the current city council. The council was warned of huge conflicts of interest before they selected him to fill an open seat. They defied the city attorney’s advice. There needs to be a serious investigation of the corruption in Sheridan city government and county Republican leadership by outside investigative parties and perhaps outside the state of Wyoming. This thing stinks to high heaven. Rock Springs was supposed to be the Mafia capital of Wyoming; Sheridan is challenging for that title.




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