Two mass murders withing thirteen hours in our beloved nation. Twenty-nine unsuspecting humans are dead; dozens with bodily injuries are being treated in hospitals; hundreds still are shaking and trying to adjust their daily living from yet another trauma that will stay in their memories for life. And millions of us are living with the threat that our town -- maybe our church, school, shop or neighborhood -- is next. 

This anxiety multiplies greatly if your skin is not white or your hair not blond, or your eyes...

And I hear people blaming it on mental illnesses. Suggesting this scapegoat is not only insulting but distracting. Don't think of the real culprit. Blame it on those who can't defend themselves. 

Of the hundreds of mental health clients I have ever seen, most would rather harm themselves than others. The majority understand their need to receive some kind of guidance and ask for it. 

I suggest we look up the word "evil" and see if it fits the bill. One who plans a murder and arms him or herself with the most effective war equipment is acting in an evil manner, using knowledge, ability and volition to fulfill his objective. I'd feel safer living among people with mental illnesses than with one evil, self-righteous individual. 

The truly insane do not have the capacity to plan, follow and bring to completion complicated endeavors. Evil people do. 

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