Moore: Things Trump taught my son

Moore: Things Trump taught my son



I am an American citizen, a registered Republican voter in Wyoming and I work in the coal industry.

I’d like to personally thank Donald Trump for teaching my son the following:

1. To put money ahead of people’s well being.

2. That lying is okay.

3. Truth does not matter, facts are subjective.

4. To ignore science.

5. That being a bully is okay.

6. That calling people names is perfectly acceptable.

And to my two Wyoming senators, Mr. Barrasso and Mr. Enzi, I’d like to say that by supporting Donald Trump you are also teaching my son that violating your principles to stay in power is okay; that putting self-interest ahead of country is a good template for life; and of course, that it is never a good idea to stand up to a bully and do what is right.

Thank you Donald Trump, Mr. Barrasso and Mr. Enzi, you all are in the same boat and deliver a consistent message for my son. The values you three are teaching him will come in handy in the world that you are consciously making for him.

I hope you sleep well,

Tim Moore, Micah Moore’s father.

TIM MOORE, Laramie


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