In an environment where many are moving apart in their view of abortion, an item of agreement is that abortion is very personal.

Many women say that their body is personal and they will make decisions about their body. This includes the right to abort a baby for any reason they deem acceptable.

Abortion is also extremely personal for the baby. Those favoring abortion want to deny the baby is a human until birth. Recently, some are claiming a child who has been born is also fair game for losing their life. Either way, the decision to take that life is very personal.

My very personal involvement is that if my mom in 1948 was living in the present moral climate, I would have been an overwhelming choice for abortion. There were already two boys and a girl and dad was not involved in their lives except in negative ways.

He was well paid as a roughneck, but most of that money got spent on alcohol. He had little involvement in raising his three children, except to give them the “back of his hand” and keep them in constant fear of his temper.

After losing one job, he came home and broke out every window in the house. When angry at his sons, he threatened to kill them, causing them to run for their lives.

In the moral climate of 1948, abortion was not an action she considered. This was her child and even after dad left home, leaving her to raise four children alone, she did it with joy. Her daughter lived to run a dairy farm, two of her sons became attorneys and the other a pastor.

Early in her marriage, she knew that her husband was not a good father. Yet she choose to have all four children. All four of us and our families were delighted in the very personal decisions that gave us life and the ability to impact her and her world for good. Her children became the best part of her life and that can happen for you too if you choose life.

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BOB NORRIS, Cheyenne



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