O'Hara: Let’s not pollute our neighbors

O'Hara: Let’s not pollute our neighbors



Mayor Charlie Powell says Aethon Energy should be able to dump their waste water into Boysen Reservoir, and call the area of pollution a “mixing zone.” The “mixed” or high sodium water (which kills fish and vegetation) lingers in Boysen Reservoir, then flows into the Wind River Canyon, a pristine spot, a blue ribbon fishery. Go north, and the Wedding of the Rivers leads one to the Big Horn River and then supplies drinking water to another dope place, Thermopolis.

Mayor, you mentioned at the City Council meeting that you are not an expert in this area. The area of “is it good or bad to dump pollutants into our neighbor’s water?” Are you thinking that since it’s downstream, that it’s okay? But, is it Aethon’s water to pollute? Boysen is a state park that belongs to all of us.

Mayor Powell, Wyoming has more to offer the world than pump jacks and mixing zones. (“Mixing zone” is not an ecological term. It’s a phrase made up by oil companies, as if they just call it a mixing zone, we’ll take their word for it.)

Right now Casper is trying to clean up its own river. We are paying $26 million to remove horribly polluted soil off site with bulldozers. The Platte was one of the most polluted rivers in the United States. Now, after all of our work and tax dollars, it has a chance. Do you see the irony in the massive effort to clean up our river from years of pollution by oil companies and then saying it’s okay for Aethon Energy to poison Boysen, the Wind River and Thermopolis’ drinking water? Are we saying to those who live downstream that we don’t care if their drinking water is contaminated? Casper is full of people who love clean water and Thermopolites.

Mayor, please, let’s not pollute our neighbors so Aethon can make money. Aethon, please leave Boysen alone. Your website states that you are “specialists in identifying and realizing hidden value.” Obviously, there is value that is even more hidden than your specialists realize.




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