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Rumor has it that a few elected officials in Wyoming take pride in the speed at which they kill a license plate bill. Wyoming House Bill 0039 is not another license plate bill.

HB0039, provides the opportunity to buy the “Wildlife Conservation Plate." Motorists pay an extra $150 to receive the license. The pooled funds go to projects that reduce wildlife collisions on Wyoming highways.

Wyoming highways are a dangerous place for humans and wildlife. There are nearly 3,000 crashes involving wildlife statewide on annual basis. This massive figure does not include those that go unreported. Also, one in 15 human fatalities are the direct result of a wildlife collisions. (10 in 2015 alone). This bill affords motorists the opportunity to be part of the solution.

In addition, wildlife collisions result in 24 million dollars of lost revenue, yearly. While we are on the topic of economics, HB0039 is at the cutting edge of wildlife funding. The cost is voluntary and born by ALL wildlife advocates. This bill supports solutions that reduce lost revenue and increases coffers. I see no downside to such an outcome.

Prioritizing wildlife migrations and vehicle safety is an act of true statesmanship. The champions will leave a positive mark on the wellbeing of this State. Make no mistake, HB0039 will happen on the backs of giants.

This is not another license plate bill. Instead, Wyoming House Bill 0039 is the start of a legacy, let’s make it happen!



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