O'Toole: Trump once again gives himself credit

O'Toole: Trump once again gives himself credit



It was one thing for the IRS to send out a CARES Act check with Trump's name on the bottom.

But, in the past two weeks, millions of American homes received another letter, purportedly from the IRS. Inside was a letter signed by Trump. It underlined two statements: the economic impact payment was "direct economic assistance to you" and I am pleased to notify "you are receiving an Economic Impact Payment of $xxxx by check/debit card."

The implication is that Americans got this money because of me, your fearless leader. Trump's letter does mention the CARES Act passed with bipartisan support. But the names of Pelosi or McConnell are nowhere on the letter. Just Trump's. As ever, he gives himself a hearty pat on the back. It is a new low for the administration to send out such a letter, I assume on the dime of the IRS, in a presidential election year.

On the bright side, November 3, 2020 is not far off.

It is time to help Trump packs his bags.




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