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Padgett: An open letter to Cynthia Lummis

Padgett: An open letter to Cynthia Lummis



I am writing, as a constituent, to inform you of my profound disappointment with your announced first act as an incoming Senator representing the state of Wyoming: threatening to challenge a legitimate election result for the President of the United State of America.

You contend your goal is to “restore confidence” in the voting process.

I find this to be ludicrous, invoking extraordinarily faulty logic. To suggest the results be revisited because “people don’t believe the results” or lack “confidence in the process” is bizarre. Is this because opposition votes have no standing? Something like “I don’t like and can’t believe the results; they must be illegitimate.” Are you suggesting that? This is a position rooted in fantasy, or worse, cynical subversion of democracy. There were innumerable court cases, recounts, redundancies, fail-safes and at no point and at no time has any evidence of fraud emerged. At most, a handful of illegitimate votes may have been cast; perhaps intentional, perhaps not. In either event a completely irrelevant pittance compared to the more than 150 million votes cast. The people have voted, Electors have voted, the electoral results certified by the States and submitted. It is over.

By threatening to challenge the Electoral vote unless Congress creates a commission to investigate debunked conspiracies of a “fraudulent” election, you undermine confidence in the electoral system, and both de-legitimize the election and undermine the President. This sows more, not less, distrust in democratic elections and norms. It fails miserably to achieve your purported aim to “restore confidence.”

Every indication, including the words and advice of the Senate Majority Leader, indicates enough Senators will have the integrity to shut this nonsense down and accept the Electoral College result in the largely ceremonial act on Wednesday.

Its shameful, embarrassing as well as depressing that you will not be among those Senators that chose the high ground.

You do not represent the values of the people of our great state.



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