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Palmer: Stimulus is a waste of taxpayer money

Palmer: Stimulus is a waste of taxpayer money



The $900 Billion so-called stimulus has now passed and awaits President Trump's decision on whether to sign it. My recommendation is to veto this horrendous waste of taxpayer money.

I am so proud of the Wyoming delegation, all of whom voted for this 5,600 pages of pork laden garbage, which none of them have read.

$135 million to Burma, $85.5 million to Cambodia, $1.4 billion for "Asia Reassurance Initiative Act" ,$130 million to Nepal and $10 million to Pakistan and on and on, none of which will help a single America.

$600.00 to American citizens who are required to pay the bill after nearly a year of "Lock Downs" that have destroyed jobs, Small Businesses and killed thousands of our fellow citizens.

Will I except the $600.00 pittance? You bet, and then I will donate it to St. Jude, Shiners Hospital or the Wounded Warrior Project. In that way a infinitesimal part of this travesty will do some good to help my fellow citizens. I would hope that you would do the same, if you can afford to.

HOWARD PALMER, Thermopolis


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