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Parr: Stop kicking the can down the road

Parr: Stop kicking the can down the road



When Trump was elected he made a lot of promises. Saving Wyoming's coal industry was one big promise for Wyoming but in four years wasn't able to turn things around. Job losses, cut backs and bankruptcies were the norm during the four years he was president. Wyoming's politicians locally and nationally were in lockstep told us that the environmental roadblocks would be gone and big coal would ride again.

Coal never recovered, not because of environmental laws, but because the market for coal and the demand couldn't compete with cheap natural gas. The politicians knew this but kept spouting the same song and dance. It takes awhile but the public recognized, environmentally speaking, coal was a factor in global warming.

Gas powered vehicles will suffer the same fate. General Motors had a press release that stated all their automobiles would be battery powered in a few years. Other auto manufactures will follow suite. Our representatives keep kicking the can down the road refusing to diversify our economy and our children will pay the price for their lack of vision. The 90 day moratorium on federal oil and gas leasing will make little difference in the long run and the "can" will be pretty dented up if we don't face reality.

JOHN PARR, Cheyenne


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