I am frustrated. Why am I frustrated? Over how our national leaders pander. They are quick to blame and slow to consider real solutions. I am tired of it.

We need leaders who will not stoke the flame of discord but provide leadership by making efforts at real solutions to our problems. The right is not always the jerk, and the left is not always crazy, but gosh, listening to noise you would not believe it.

Gun violence is a scary issue. I lived in Northern Virginia during the time of the DC Sniper attacks in the early 2000’s. These random and tragic shootings halted life around DC: folks were scared to play sports, get gas, walk into a store. It was terrifying. And the mode of terror was a gun, and it could happen at any time anywhere.

Policy wise, controlling against this terror presents real questions that deserve real answers, not mud-slinging and blame. Yet, all we see from our leaders is more and more pandering to elicit excitement against their opposition, painting them as monsters.

It’s no wonder people are angry, because they are told to be angry, by politicians, by media, by everywhere one is supposed to gather information. We need this to stop! And it needs to stop now.

We need our leaders to lead efforts to restore sanity and honest discussion. Our leaders are not just our politicians, either. Editors, social media influencers, all of us individuals need to step up before we rip apart.

Frankly, I don’t care what politics you take. Most people just want to live their lives and have reasonable regulation. That means they want the freedom to live but protections against abuse. They don’t want to be told what to think and are smart enough to think on their own.

This is where we need to focus rather than the stoking the anger that comes through pandering to one side over the other. Pandering is beneath us.

Let’s lead the charge to change and do it ourselves, holding media accountable, and electing real leaders not panderers.

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