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Political debate in the United States became impossibly divided with Roe v. Wade. That has not changed nor will it change until abortion is stopped and the United States returns to being a constitutional republic or the United States ceases to exist. It is logically and intellectually impossible to be pro-abortion and support the U.S. Constitution because it is based on the Creator given rights of man, the biggest and most important of which is the right to life. No one can support death and life at the same time.

The U.S. is not logical or intellectual because we have been dumbed down by public education, reinforced by the deception of the media. We have been taught evolution, mediocrity and political correctness for several generations while still operating a nation based on the Constitution and the laws of nature's God. We cannot reason logically nor are we independent. Society has been pushed in the direction of politically correct mediocrity, compliance and socialism. The working part of society still believes we are a sovereign nation and constitutional republic. We got a delay in the wreck of this nation with the election of Donald Trump. Hillary would have had us in a world government by now.

Evolution has no inalienable rights, everything is accidental. You can decide on your own truth. You can even choose your own gender. There are no limits after you deny reality. If the right to life is not sacred and untouchable, then nothing is and we the people are subject to whatever tyranny suits the whims of those in power. We quit being a constitutional republic with freedom for all after Roe v. Wade. Will the United States return to the greatness of freedom or squander our priceless heritage? When freedom perishes here it perishes on the earth.

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LARRY PECK, Gillette


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