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Peterson: Football teams make an impact

Peterson: Football teams make an impact



We would like to make a big thank you shout-out to the Bison football team, coaches, staff and the Natrona County high school football program for their special football tribute to our son Aaron Peterson. This will be something that he will never forget and will always talk about.

A Special thanks to Coach Gallas for letting Aaron be a part of the “The Herd” and orchestrating the tribute. Early on Coach Gallas saw that Aaron is a special kid that needed some extra help from the “HERD”. He coaxed/strong armed Aaron into becoming “The Herd's” Football Manager last year. And asked him again this year. (With this ice breaking event, he was asked to be the Indoor track manger last year and will be this year too, Thanks Coach Steele). Being part of the “The Herd” is what makes Aaron’s Day and is what makes him excited to get up and go to school. You See Aaron has been practicing social distancing all his life, he is that Autistic kid that is always in the shadows that nobody notices or talks to, sits by himself at lunch/in class and always tries to be invisible (that is a little hard since Aaron is 6'3” and 215). It is paralyzing for him to just make eye contact with anyone, much less talk to someone. With the help of Coach Gallas and all the Coaches of “The Herd” they folded Aaron into being one of the team. This has not only helped Aaron start breaking past his social barriers but boosted his confidence. He is now talking to people and working on his next step in life, college.

Thanks again to the South High Herd.



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