Radosevich: Trump again proves himself unfit for office

Radosevich: Trump again proves himself unfit for office



In a recent column from Jackson, we citizens were instructed to be thankful for the leadership of President Trump. I don't know where the contributor learned about leadership, but it seems some basic education is in order.

A true leader does not stand in front of the world and give credence to crackpot theories, nor utter obvious and ridiculous falsehoods that must immediately be corrected by the next to speak at the podium. He does not say one thing on Tuesday and the exact opposite on Wednesday. A leader does not undermine the authority of local officials, who are making difficult decisions, just to score political points. He does not seek to divide and punish, or foment disorder and rebellion. A true leader does not cast blame hither and yon, passing the buck like a hot potato. A leader does not boast and pat himself on the back while tens of thousands die and millions lose their jobs.

During this global crisis many heads of state have demonstrated fine and steadfast leadership. They have promoted truth and clarity, patience and resolve, compassion, cooperation and mutual respect. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, Donald Trump has once again shown himself to be self-centered, shortsighted, ignorant, mean-spirited, divisive and vindictive. In no way has he demonstrated the leadership so needed at this time. He has proven himself to be, as so many said in 2016, unfit for office.



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