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As a former military officer, who performed a number of duties regarding special (nuclear) weapons, I am really disturbed by the events behind the article regarding former nuclear launch officers calling on Congress to "reign in " President Trump's ability to fire nuclear missiles.

If these men were properly trained in their responsibilities, they would be aware of the involvement of the National Command Authority's role in any release (use) of nuclear weapons. A President cannot do it solely on his own authority. No one can.

For many decades, well before these men were even born, procedures have been in place to prevent any one person, even a President of the United States from launching a nuclear weapon.

I hope the average reader would be suspicious, wondering why, only now, after all these years of possessing such weapons, do we finally get around to thinking about the need to prevent a single person from being able to launch a nuclear strike.

No one approaches a special weapon or its components or anything related to its transportation, preparation or use, including maintenance or testing. No one. Doing so will get you shot, which is also part of those procedures.

The article records the following statements from Peter Hefley saying:

“There is no act of greater consequence, and it should not rest in the hands of any one person,”

... "it was always somewhat alarming that a single individual had the power to launch nuclear weapons ..."

I find it beyond belief, considering his claimed role with special weapons, that Mr. Hefley would not be aware of the false nature of these statements.

It is the height of irresponsibility to prey upon the average citizen's ignorance of the protocols for the release of nuclear weapons in order to score some political point, just because their candidate lost. The true nature of this effort is revealed in their previous efforts before the election.

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DUANE RAEBEL, Evansville


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