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Harriet Hageman will be an exceptional governor for the people of Wyoming. We have a responsibility this election to choose a person that will have a positive affect on our lives. A person that will guide our state in the right direction.

Fortunately, Harriet chose to endure the rigors of campaigning to be that leader.

I know Harriet well, as we have worked together in our political activities both on the campaign trail and in the responsibilities of the Wyoming GOP. So let’s take advantage of electing Harriet Hageman. Here are a few reasons why it is important.

Harriet is person that understands the lives of the folks of Wyoming. She has been active in community affairs throughout the state that have helped to make people’s lives better.

She has a close family within Wyoming. Many of her family members are devoting their time to help Harriet in her campaign. She is truly a caring person that understands the importance of family relationships and the positive effects of a family bond. She will govern in a way that helps Wyoming families have the opportunities to stay together in our special state.

Harriet runs a small law business in Cheyenne. Her employees are devoted to her business leadership and her quest for Wyoming’s Governor. They have that devotion because of her kindness and personal understanding of the people in her life.

As a lawyer, Harriet has worked to limit the federal and state governments to the roles that are essential to governing. She understands that there are many parts of our lives that government has no business being involved in.

Harriet understands that as Wyoming’s Governor, she is expected to serve and represent the people of WYOMING first.

Harriet understands that there are negative influences from outside of our state that must be rejected and controlled. It is Wyoming’s way that is important!

Please join me in electing Harriet Hageman as our new Governor!



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