I concur with Mr. Rodney Gunderson's assertions that the Wyoming State Prison system is corrupt, in so many ways, and that it's high time something is being done. Also, the Prison Reform Initiative being passed in Washington D.C. is blatantly short-sighted and lacking. I'd like to make the following comments of this so-called "prison reform," aka the First Step Act. 

In my opinion there are several areas needing reformed in all precincts where correctional institutions are located, not just federal. 

1. The abolition of President Bill Clinton's Prison Litigation Reform Act of 1996, which hinders prisoners' legal remedies for civil rights violations committed against them. It was imposed due to the high amount of cases brought forth by inmates, whose rights were actually being violated. 

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2. Reform of parole boards, who are taking part in the violation of inmates civil rights by holding inmates hostage and extorting their freedom, in a fanatical way, by coercing admissions of guilt for which they pleaded "not guilty" to in the first place and/or claiming remorse for something that they may actually be innocent of. The selective, ludicrous, ambiguous and convoluted criteria used by the parole board in Rodney's case is a travesty. 

3. Reform of corrupt correctional managed healthcare systems in state and federal prisons, and investigations of the abuses and corruption thereof. 

4. Reform of codes of conduct for prison employees top to bottom, and investigation of the abuses by correctional employees and management, and the deep seated corruption of same, which goes to the heart of their ambiguous policies and unconstitutional actions against inmates. Reform in this area is most needed, regardless of any other reform administered. A similar kind of this corruption is discussed in Rodney's editorials. 

5. Finally, reform of the mandatory sentencing and "three strikes" guidelines that are corruptly and wantonly convoluted and distorted for personal reasons by district attorneys and judges all over America; federal, state and county. Along with that comes the need for an adequate defense of those accused of a crime. The right to have an attorney is a joke. Public defenders are hired by the state to defend those accused by the state. It should read, "the right to have an adequate defense."

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