The following is a short list of whys that I hope the PC police and the general left will answer but I don’t hold out much optimism, really.

Why is asking someone to obey the laws of our land dehumanizing to them?

Why is it racist to ask a person to learn something before professing to be an expert if that individual is not white? (It’s not racist to ask the question if the person is white.)

Why must the rights of the majority be sacrificed because of the actions of the extreme few?

Why do we chant and demand action from politicians while refusing to take action ourselves? We have the right to defend ourselves, use it!

Why do we allow gun free zones which have been turned into free fire zones?

Why do so many normally intelligent people insist on blaming the tool instead of the user?

Why do our leaders refuse to address the fact that the breakdown of the family leads to hopelessness in young men who may already have mental or emotional weakness’s?

Why are we not all aware that the suicide rate for our young adults has increased dramatically? From 2008 to 2017, 15 to 24-year-olds up 28%, 25 to 35, up 24%!

Young boys are taught to avoid being a male. Why do we not realize this emasculation has horrible and permanent effects?

Did you know that the El Paso shooter hated both parties and Trump but was anti-immigration so is a domestic terrorist, the Dayton shooter a socialist and supporter of Elizabeth Warren just a murderer and already being allowed to fade from the news.

Do we all know that our “racist” president has improved the life of more minority citizens than any president in our history? It will take a long time to fix our youth and stop the shootings once we discover the true problems and their depths.

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