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A man walks onto a private island housing a children's summer camp with a sword and knife, he kills 71. At fault, the man.

A man drives a large truck through a crowd killing 87. At fault, the man.

Two men build bombs from pressure cookers, explode them at a marathon, killing and wounding dozens. At fault, the men.

A young man walks into a school with a semi-automatic rifle and kills 17. At fault, the rifle. What?

You see, this is liberal/democratic logic. 2+2=5.

Here is real logic; every state and federal senator or congressman who voted against ending gun free zones and campus carry, every governor who vetoed such a bill, every senator who wrote a poison pill amendment, all have the blood of innocent victims on their hands.

I pray that if this ever happens in Wyoming we hold those individuals responsible. If you know a crime will happen and fail to take every preventative step, or deliberately interfere with a step, it is a crime against society at the very least.

Here in Wyoming we know who those senators, congressman, and governors are.



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