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Rosenberger: Is wearing a mask really a sacrifice?

Rosenberger: Is wearing a mask really a sacrifice?



I was astounded by the quote attributed to school board trustee Kevin Christopherson, that “We’ve had 21 deaths in Wyoming. Most of those were people with pre-existing conditions or in old folks homes. They were going to die. They just died sooner.”

Who is he to determine the value of a human life, according to age and infirmity? This is the kind of thinking that allowed Nazis to send the disabled into concentration camps with no compassion or common human decency. How is this person allowed to hold any public office? The only justification for his statement comes from willful ignorance of the pandemic and a refusal to take the simple precaution of wearing a mask.

Of course, this attitude arises from a political ideology that is based in selfishness. With the president refusing to deal with the pandemic and his cult members blindly following his reckless actions, this country is doomed to suffer the worst effects of this public health crisis. If people like Christopherson are allowed to impose their views on public health decisions, we will be lost. Every time I go to the grocery stores, I see the patriots wearing their masks and the fools without masks. This country would have never survived the Great Depression, World War II, the Civil War or any of the other historic challenges to our existence if our ancestors had behaved in such a selfish and cowardly manner.

How much of a sacrifice is it to wear a mask in public places? How many people have to get sick and die? What is the value of human lives, no matter how old that person may be?



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