Schaffer: Facts and myths about immigration

Schaffer: Facts and myths about immigration



Myth: The border wall is a national problem.

Fact: The border wall is the business of only four states: California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. If you’re not from one of these states, then you have nothing to say about building the wall, what kind of wall, where it gets built or who builds it. Immigrants are in every state because we hire them. If you have an immigrant problem in your state, then stop hiring them.

Myth: Immigrants are taking our jobs.

Fact: In Central America, an average laborer earns $2/day. In the US, they make $10-20/hr. That’s 40-80 times what they get paid in their country! That’s the incentive and why they come.

Myth: A wall will stop the flow of immigrants.

Fact: Hypothetically, let’s say that you earn $50K/year in the U.S., but Canada is hiring and paying 40-80 times what you earn here. Technically, it’s not legal working these jobs, but if you go, they hire and bump your salary to $2-4 Million/year. You will have to pay some of that in Canadian taxes and medical insurance. Would you still go to Canada and take that job? Sure you would. Money is an excellent motivator.

Myth: Immigrants come to the US to go on welfare and get free medical care.

Fact: Want medical? You need Insurance. A job? You need a social security card. It’s the only way. No problem, immigrants obtain legitimate SSNs. We hire them, they pay taxes, FICA, social security, etc., the same stuff you and I pay. And for the record, if you aren’t a US citizen you can’t get welfare.

Myth: Immigrants are mostly criminals, rapists and drug dealers.

Fact: In my hypothetical situation, would I run afoul of Canadian law and risk losing my $1,000/hr job? I don’t think so. Crime statistics in the US reinforce this. As a group, immigrants are more law-abiding than we are.

All you folks griping about the flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S. need to clean your own house first. Immigrants are here because we have jobs they want and we hire them.




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