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Scheibe: It's time to speak out

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Senator John Barrasso:

The Trump presidency was and still is a disaster for our country. Trump advocated violence from the beginning “punch them in the face, I will pay your legal bills." We have a Republican Party that you belong to and continue to support, advocating violence against anybody not thinking like them or those who oppose the Republican Party. That is your party. One of your Republican members told his supporters to buy a gun because Democrats don’t have guns! A Republican from Arizona did a mock murder of a democratic representative and a mock killing of the president of the United States. You are part of all this. People are going to be hurt or killed. You will have blood on your hands for actions your party advocates for by not standing up to help defuse the division that your party fuels! I know if you respond to my letter you will say something to the effect that you don’t agree with a all the things that some in your party say or do. Not agreeing is not enough! People will listen if you speak out and reject the posture of violence. Someone in your party needs to show some courage. You must speak out! Time is running out and blood will be on the streets!

P.S. Trump did not have the greatest economy in my life time, Bill Clinton did! Also, there is no blustering or booming economy worth the degradation of our Republic.



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