Schropfer: An open letter to Senator Barrasso

Schropfer: An open letter to Senator Barrasso



Your failure to speak out on the Constitutionally offensive actions and statements of Mr. Trump regarding racial injustice and the right of peaceful protest is inexcusable. It reflects either your lack of principles or your lack of moral courage, or both.

You and your Republican colleagues in the Senate are wholly and completely complicit in the anger that has justifiably roiled this country. Your collective failure to make any meaningful or sincere statements intended to help unite the country has contributed to the chaos and angst with which we are now afflicted. You own this.

Your unwillingness to criticize the president, to vote against his policies and appointments which threaten the very foundations of our republic, and to desperately value power over principle is despicable. Frankly, it is un-American and unpatriotic.

Your desire to carry his water, designed to do nothing more than create headlines, rumors and innuendo, demeans your office and the Senate.

History will not look favorably on your record. That record undermines the Constitution and the human values on which this country was founded. Frankly, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. You are not worthy of the office you hold. I wonder how you sleep at night, knowing of your responsibility in the destruction of this (once) great nation.



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