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Shuster: Our wonderful veterans and active duty military

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Of course, in America, these brave men and women who fought to give us our freedom must be given top priority. Seeing so many of them homeless, or just out-and-out dying on our streets because of possible re-entry problems into society, medical/mental health illnesses, etc., I weep. What the heck? People, they gave us and are still giving us what little freedom we have left. My nephew returned from three tours overseas and within seven months died in Cheyenne. I know people who gave up the chance to stay in a job, possibly becoming a millionaire, but decided instead to do their patriotic duty. People who served overseas, came home, then spent 12 years or more homeless. Now to my extreme anger I see immigrants being given bunkers, three meals a day and yes access to Xbox. Monies being paid with our tax dollars. What about our soldiers who gave you, the politicians, freedom to do what you want with our money?

So here in Wyoming people care about people more than money. For our Veterans there are non-profit organizations that will help our precious veterans with housing, living procedures, medical, re-entry into society, recovery, and the list goes on. The organization is called "Volunteers of America" and are located in Casper, Cheyenne, Cody, Riverton, Laramie, Buffalo, Newcastle, Sundance, Torrington and Wheatland. The website is I am an advocate for our veterans; so very proud of what they've done for us. Please give them number one priority! Without their sacrifices, we, as a nation, would not have our freedom; the freedom so many today just take for granted.



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