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Smith: Bouchard was honest

Smith: Bouchard was honest

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Several years ago Liz Cheney spoke at the Lincoln Day Republican Dinner, she was easy to peg as a neo-con, phony conservative and surrogate of Machiavellian father Dick Cheney.

When she ran for Congress as a carpetbagger; Stupid Republican Tricks had nine men and a baby ran against her, splitting the vote so she was elected.

That Liz Cheney has betrayed her party is not debatable, more to the point she has betrayed her constituents. If she had any honor, she would have resigned.

State Senator Anthony Bouchard, first to file for her seat is more than qualified to truly represent Wyoming. He is steadfast for the Constitution and proven to be effective in legislation.

Now mud begins to fly, and has Dick Cheney's fingerprints all over it, coming from a foreign news source, typical CIA dirty trick.

Folks in Wyoming are pretty savvy and hold old fashioned values. So Anthony got his girlfriend pregnant? How many of us skated on that thin ice way back then? He did the right thing, marriage instead of abortion.

Unfortunately marriage ended in divorce as too many do these days. Anthony raised the child as best he could, but he took a wayward path and ended up in serious trouble. Regrettable, but in no way his father's responsibility.

Faced with political mud, did Bouchard take the typical politician's path of denial, obfuscation and lastly admission? No, he faced it straight on and as an honest man.

Fellow citizens, upon reflection, will realize this is the kind of representative we need in Washington. It is time for everyone else to drop out, particularly erstwhile political operatives and lawyers. Clear the field and send Liz Cheney back home to Virginia and get behind Anthony Bouchard.

Mehinks the Bible says something about 'he who is without sin casting the first stone'. It is clear Dick Cheney has cast too many stones lately and it is time Wyoming stop being his personal fiefdom.

For the record, this writer cannot vote.



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