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I started to write this letter on Christmas day but after reading the paper this morning (12/26) I tossed my polite letter in the trash. In today's paper is an article written by Arno Rosenfeld. In the first paragraph he says "The tax plan was passed with the enthusiastic support of Barrasso and Enzi. Liz Cheney was a fan too."

Now I understand why they would want to reward those that help pay to get them elected. But why did they want to harm my grandchildren, great and great-great? This plan will add to our already stupid debt. Some day someone will be asked to pay it, and it won't be by a country who likes us. Look at history.

I've been laughed at here in Casper because I said we should be taxed at an even rate. For example, the tax for a business that makes, say, guns should be the same as one that makes cattle. I also believe we should pay those taxes we are supposed to pay such as the use tax. Last week I had a phone call asking for a donation. It sounded like a good cause, but when I asked this lady if she paid her use tax she hung up on me.

I don't think it's fair not to pay this 5 percent when we make local businesses do so. Maybe we should pass a law that says if you sell an item, say a shirt, that you can buy where you didn't pay the tax on it, the Casper dealer should not have to collect it. Do we collect tax on movie tickets?

As usual, I asked all my friends what they thought and both said "get a concealed weapons permit."

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