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Smith: Natrona County deserves better than Christopherson

Smith: Natrona County deserves better than Christopherson



The NCSD board recently discussed requiring face coverings in schools this fall. I was appalled to read NCSD board trustee and county commissioner candidate Kevin Christopherson’s callous comments about Wyoming’s COVID-19 deaths. He said most of the state’s virus-related deaths were “people with pre-existing conditions or in old folks homes. They were going to die. They just died sooner.”

At best, his comments show a lack of empathy; at worst they show a cavalier disregard for human lives. Many of us have sat by a loved one’s bedside as they take their last breaths. Those who die from this virus die without that small comfort, and the best their family and friends can hope for is a FaceTime or Skype call with a device held up by a doctor or nurse.

It seems that in today’s political world, it’s in fashion to shoot one’s mouth off and “tell it like it is.” We should, however, expect those who represent our interests to show wise judgment, to think before they speak, to consider others’ well-being and to consider advice from experts in fields other than their own. With his words, Mr. Christopherson met none of those expectations. The citizens of Natrona County deserve better.



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