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I was reading an editorial in the Oct. 18 paper. The writer’s words were about this mess we have between liberals and conservatives. He said the newspapers are all liberal, so I figure since I was reading it in the paper, he had to be liberal.

I’m so old I can remember Republicans and Democrats. Not much difference between them. Both wanted a happy life during the days they were given to live here on planet earth.

Today we seem to be quite divided. Why? I asked all my friends why. They both said “money.” Wars are great for manufacturers of war items. Who cares how many will die if it isn’t us. And if you enlist and aren’t killed you can get an education and other perks, just don’t expect it to be done at your convenience, such as medical care.

Back to both sides saying bad things about the other. I know I’m guilty. Before we elected Trump, I understood he was going to take care of illegal immigration. He was going to build a wall down south that I would like to see before I die. A wall in the middle of the Rio Grande where the boundary lays. I sure don’t want it built back in our country and give land to Mexico to use.

Since I live in Wyoming my complaints are directed to conservatives. Why does the Wyoming Health Fair have Sen. Barrasso only to read thing to help keep us well? Where does Dick Cheney live?

It’s a lot better to sing “Count Your Blessings.”

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