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Stepp: State Republican Party actions shameful

Stepp: State Republican Party actions shameful



Wyoming has always traditionally been a predominantly Republican state.

Since 1890, we have held statehood due to the overwhelming support for the voices of women. Known as the Equality State, we had the first females to serve as court bailiff, justice of the peace and governor.

Yet we are in the national news today because of an organization dedicated to empowering women and encouraging or aiding their campaign efforts for elected office. One might be inspired to think this subject has highlighted Wyoming to the world. However, in this case it is a very sad, shameful, pathetic note because the "men" who lead the Republican party in our state have chose to censure JoAnn True for her role in the Cowgirl Run Fund PAC. JoAnn is a true leader. She has chosen to get all women more representation and involved by helping navigate those who wish to run for public office through their campaigns, regardless of partisan affiliation. This should be seen as a noble effort, not something to stifle or mute. This act of censuring a frontier leader is abhorrent and cowardly. The wives, sisters and daughters of these so-called men ought to be admonishing them and embarrassed by the efforts to silence the better half of the population.

Can someone please tell me why supporting women is something to be punished for, but a drunken fistfight at the party convention is no big deal? The response from the party's state leaders tells all you need to know about the mentality that drives their actions.

I stand with JoAnn, the Cowgirl Run Fund and Frontier Republicans! It's time for civility and dignity in politics. Leave the divisive tactics at the door and let's work for a better future for all of Wyoming!



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