Holocaust deniers should have watched the public television show called “Eva:A7063” of this incredible 83-year-old woman who survived Auschwitz terror when her Jewish family was taken there with her twin sister at the age of 10. She was separated from her parents who were later murdered and she and her sister were subjected to so-called medical investigations by an inhumane doctor.

Eva and her sister survived the death camp as they were liberated by the Russians. Eva went to Israel, but later migrated to America where she began to speak out about the 6 million Jews that were killed as later documented by news media and of the horrible conditions suffered in death camps.

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Hitler began his hate tirade against the Jews believing that the Aryan population was superior. This thought seems to be gaining momentum with the white nationalist, skinhead, Nazi movement of violence and fear becoming stronger today with Trump being acknowledged by the white nationalist hate group.

Eva began to speak out — became friends with former Nazis and together they went back to Auschwitz showing forgiveness and healing herself from the deep grief and anger that permeated herself with depression. She talked about forgiveness in lectures all over the country. This was the way to healing and finally leading a happy, healthy life — she had the greatest smile.

Can we take a lesson from history and become a light that shines in the darkness as survivors of the 14,000 Japanese that were incarcerated against their will at Hart Mountain during WWII? These humans who were put down because of hate, hysteria and fear as were the Jews in Germany. Let us become the light that shines in the darkness — it is humane to be human. We could love our enemy — do good to those who hurt you and lend a hand to those less fortunate as did the Good Samaritan in the Bible. Do not let this happen again.

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