Fifty years ago, American astronauts walked on the moon! I remember the excitement and thrill we all felt in kinship with humanity all over the world. “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” by Neil Armstrong as he touched down on the moon.

Fast forward to here and now. Our country was united then -- even with the billions of dollars, time and effort to finally achieve this greatest achievement.

Now, it seems our country has been divided by hate talk, fear, denial and downright misrepresentation of truth being led by the President and enabled by the Republican Party and I might add, Fox News -- (the news arm of the President).

I feel appalled at the administration’s policy at the border with the harassing of migrant families and separation of children from their parents -- with fears that the ICE officers are coming to send you back to your country of origin. The long wait of asylum seekers and being caged in crowded conditions is heartbreaking.

We, our countrymen, need to work together to address these horrible conditions. These immigrants are humans and they are being abused by our government.

The astronauts, when they were training, were showing the courage to go on this dangerous mission -- they were made of the “right stuff.”

I ask, do Donald Trump and the Republican Party really want to unify our country?

Can we not transcend politics and share as we did all over the world when we walked on the moon and immigrant families were acknowledged as human beings?

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