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Thompson: Legislature should have diversified

Thompson: Legislature should have diversified



The state finds itself in a tough situation and I don’t envy those having to make decisions in Cheyenne; they are being force to deal with the results of both the pandemic and a historically short-sighted state legislature. The boom/bust cycles of mineral extraction are nothing new. During the times of plenty, the legislature should have been looking down the road and putting resources into efforts to diversify the state economy. Money needed to be invested in worker training as well as incentivizing new industries and employers to come here. Unfortunately, too many of our legislators have been more interested in maintaining the status quo which is tilted in favor of the few. We are now seeing the effects of stagnant leadership in the legislature and, unfortunately, education will pay the price as it always seems to do. It’s past time to start electing legislators that actively work to make our state better and create opportunities for its citizens. If we do, revenue ups and downs, regardless the cause, could be mitigated.



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