Vlach: An obvious remedy for the despair

Vlach: An obvious remedy for the despair

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Tim Stubson’s reaction to the Trump/Ukraine scandal is more acquiescence to Trumpism than outrage. One can see how he tries to soften his admission of Trump’s corruption (something he seems to have just noticed but that more than half the country has known for almost three years) with a pile of Republican MAGABS.

Historic deregulation? Trump has taken a sledge hammer to regulation with the express purpose of increasing corporate profits, not creating jobs or increasing wages, only increasing profits, and in so doing he has destroyed vital health, safety and environmental protections. Tax reform? It is well documented that the 2017 tax reform only benefited the rich and the corporations while not creating any more jobs than would have been created had the tax reform not passed. Incredible economic progress? If it is truly incredible, one should be able to look at the graphs of economic expansion since the Great Recession and see a huge increase sometime during Trump’s presidency. There isn’t one.

Economic growth in all areas has been more or less steady from the time Obama took office until now. The highest yearly average GDP during Trump’s time has never exceeded any Obama yearly average. Trump has been riding Obama’s success his whole term, taking credit for things he had nothing to do with. And Trump fabricates his own accomplishments. He claims he saved coal. He didn’t. The new steel plants in Pennsylvania were a lie. Why is he bailing out farmers if his trade war is such a success? The manufacturing sector is now in recession because of his trade policies. Factories are closing, yet he lies and says manufacturing is rebounding. The stock market might be doing well, but that only benefits the rich.

If a person’s only reason to support Trump is this MAGABS, then he has nothing. Stubson’s feigned outrage and his confession that Trump’s corruption “launches me to the depths of despair” is laughable because there is an obvious remedy for that despair: Support impeachment and call for Trump’s removal. If he is on the ballot in 2020, vote against him. 




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