Vlach: Barrasso can find money elsewhere

Vlach: Barrasso can find money elsewhere



John Barrasso is all worked up that Wyoming drivers might be paying more for fuel if the federal gas tax is raised to cover the costs to repair and upgrade the U.S. highway system. Doesn’t he understand that no matter where the funds come from (gas taxes or mileage fees on trucks and fees on electric cars), the U.S. citizens end up paying for it in the end? Does he really think the trucking companies will absorb the mileage fees and not pass them on? Does he think us Wyoming people are so stupid that we will think he did us a favor when we don’t have to pay more at the pump but end up paying the hidden tax on the goods we buy?

Trump pulled this same scam with his trade tariffs, claiming that China is paying the tariffs when in reality the American people are paying them. And why specifically go after electric vehicles? Is it because anything that moves the nation away from fossil fuel dependence like electric vehicles and wind and solar energy is bad and should be discouraged?

But if Barrasso wants money to rebuild our infrastructure and doesn’t want to raise taxes on Americans, he can take back that $1.9 trillion tax cut he gave to the rich and the corporations. Or he can use the billions his brilliant president is spending on the ego wall down south. Or he could cut defense spending: It’s obscene to be spending $700 billion year on defense. That’s more than the defense spending of the next eleven developed nations combined.

And on the subject of defense spending: why are we giving Israel $3.8 billion a year in military aid while its citizens have free health care and ours do not? Of course the American people are paying for all of these things also, but you don’t hear Barrasso complaining about that. Could it be that the Democrats are proposing the gas tax increase and that’s the only reason he is against it?



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