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I can no longer remain silent and thereby tacitly condone the inexcusable and toxic political environment in which we find ourselves. Very simply, in my opinion, our republic has never been in such an appalling, ominous position.

A principal focus of our country’s leaders, particularly that of the president, has always been to bring and to keep our people together whether threatened from within or without. The current political backdrop of divisiveness and vitriol is poisoning our society and destroying all that our democracy stands for.

What can we do?

Treat each other with respect and basic human dignity.

Value and celebrate diversity.

Encourage morality, common decency and truthfulness.

Elect, at all levels of government, those who exhibit and advocate high ideals.

Choose to run for office yourself.

We are surely slipping in to a catastrophic, bottomless abyss by normalizing repugnant words and actions. In what kind of nation do you want to live?

Change begins with each of us. Stand up. Sound off. Make a difference.

Let’s take our country back.

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