Wantulok: Problems in the GOP state committee

Wantulok: Problems in the GOP state committee

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What a dark day in Wyoming when the Republican state central committee wants to keep its meetings secret. The state central committee now is controlled by right wingers who tolerate only their own ideas. They want to somehow discipline Wyoming state central committee members or elected people who do not agree with their platforms or planks.

Platforms and planks are decided behind closed doors in smoke filled rooms. The general public is mostly unaware of what they are. Most members would be lucky to remember two or three platforms or planks. I have no idea what legal authority gives them any right to investigate or discipline anyone. 

I believe one problem in Wyoming is essentially a one-party state with no loyal opposition to stop anything they do. The Laramie and Natrona county committees have decided to withhold dues to the state central committee. The purpose of the Wyoming state central committee and county Republican committees in my opinion is to introduce Republican candidates to the public for their consideration. 

Elected candidates I believe are beholden to the state of Wyoming and their constituents. I know elected candidates swear an oath to uphold the Wyoming and U.S. constitutions and not an oath to any platform or plank. I don't think voters want elected candidates beholden to platforms they don't know about.

There was even talk of taking the governor's primary away and replacing it with a Wyoming presidential-type primary. Apparently the voter is too stupid to pick a correct candidate. Heaven forbid a Democrat should change party affiliation and vote for a governor in the primary. 

So, state central committee, what are you going to do? 




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