Wartick: LGBTQ advisory committee isn't needed in Casper

Wartick: LGBTQ advisory committee isn't needed in Casper



I may be standing on thin ice but I am bristling regarding the City Council's tentative advisory committee to protect the city's LGBTQ citizens.

Okay, that's great if they have nothing more important to do, but Councilman Steve Cathey correctly has said, "How many other minority groups exist without official representation?"

And, who's grading this determination? A semi-remote obscure human rights advocacy group publishing, in its opinion, a subjective indexed score card?

Holy smokes, Casper only scored 11 out of 100 points, yet the general consensus is that we seldom see discrimination or hate crimes. So we need another committee to fix something that's not broken?

Apparently our pandering city council is afraid a low score would dissuade people from moving here. No, people will find Wyoming for many valid reasons, none of which involve an LGBTQ committee.

The gays and lesbians I am acquainted with are doing just fine so this new "special" committee is totally about the tail wagging the dog and a weak, pandering, fearful city council.




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