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Wartick: 'Silent majority' is growing

Wartick: 'Silent majority' is growing

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Between the serious, legitimate virus pandemic and our assorted economic challenges, patriotic Americans, including myself, are growing weary and disgusted at the racist, terrorist destruction in our big city streets. Black lives matter? Yes, but so do white, brown and all others.

What critics say is killing this nation may be what will save it. More and more of us are tired of having blowhards with an unclear goal crammed down our throats.

The “silent majority” that stuffed the Democrats in the 2016 elections is growing in size and becoming less silent.

For all you non-historians and gloom-and-doomers, think for a minute that after almost 300 years, we’re just going to roll over? Not hardly! Our costs have been too high.

For those who don’t know about our Civil War or even who won, the North won this terrible conflict over slavery and we’re still trying to smooth out the after-effect. We also stole thousands of miles from our Native Americans and Hispanics in the name of national expansion, which wasn’t pretty, either. What was…was history.

Now Democrats want to tear down our historical national monuments in an attempt to negate and forget our costly, teachable history.

Anyone want some real truth for a change? Just Google Carol Swaim, a high-ranking member of PragerU who explicitly reviews 200 years of Democrats suppressing emancipation of slavery, Black rights to citizenship, Black voting, Black land ownership, altering voting ballot boxes and as recent as 1964, filibustering our Civil Rights Act being adopted at that time. This is racism!

Current Democrat fear mongers that tell us another Trump presidency will irreparably destroy our country are of course, hogwash. Either now or four years from now, Trump’s time will be over, leaving us to fix ourselves.

Pray for the silent majority to step up…again.

Editor's note: This letter was edited.



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