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It is with great pleasure that I recommend Wyoming State Treasurer and Buffalo rancher/businessman Mark Gordon as our new Wyoming Governor.

Mark Gordon has performed in exemplary fashion as our state treasurer for the last five years. Two years ago he urged the Wyoming state legislature to allow him more opportunities to invest our state funds, and as a result he brought home last year a record $1.17 billion to Wyoming. As a school board member, I appreciated these funds for our children. As a citizen, I appreciated my taxes having not been raised and services up.

Mark Gordon has so much more to offer than the other candidates. He is currently an elected state official. He is a rancher/businessman in Buffalo. He has political connections in Cheyenne, throughout the state and Washington.

Mark Gordon knows how politics in the capital work. The other candidates may have executive experience or have tried federal cases in court, but the dynamics of running Wyoming are much different than running a business or arguing law. MUCH DIFFERENT.

For a governor to be effective, they must have political relationships. Otherwise, the bills they favor will not pass. Good political connections mean good appointments and good boards -- these provide correct decisions for Wyoming citizens and needed services.

Mark Gordon has proven to this state that he can raise big money -- billions -- by wise investments. Mark Gordon has proven he can work with the legislature to raise funds so taxes don’t go up. He’s friends with oil and gas. He’s friends with agriculture. He’s friends with small business people because he was one of them. He’s friends with those who want more business diversity in our state. Mark Gordon is backed by national politicians who fight for Wyoming every day in D.C.

Mark Gordon will bring more “Weatherby’s” into our state. He will make a fine ambassador for Wyoming at national trade shows and events.

I fully support Mark Gordon for Wyoming Governor. He’s proven, he’s connected and he’s the “real deal.”

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