I didn’t feel accepted by my peers at the brick-and-mortar schools I attended. The loneliness I felt only got worse when my teacher called me out in front of the class for not understanding the lesson, which completely stressed me out. I started skipping school because I was afraid I would be ridiculed when I asked for help. Now that I’m attending online school, I’m confident I’ve found a place I belong.

When I enrolled in Wyoming Virtual Academy I arrived with huge knowledge gaps in essential subjects. Thankfully, my teachers worked with me to get me back on track, especially my history teacher, Mr. Joyes, who worked with me to ensure that I understood each and every lesson. This was a simple act, yet it was guidance I hadn’t received from a teacher before. He actually encouraged me to ask questions and made sure that that the class sessions were judgment-free zones, so my peers and I weren’t self-conscious, and could increase our understanding of the subject.

Thanks to the support I’ve received in online school, I’ve gained confidence in my ability to learn and just overall, confidence in myself. Recently, I was accepted into the National Honor Society! This achievement proved to me that all my hard work was worth it and that there was a place for me at my school. I’ve never felt more accepted as a person in any of the other schools I’ve been with and I’m glad I made the switch to the online classroom.

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