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Williams: Declaration and Constitution aren't on equal footing

Williams: Declaration and Constitution aren't on equal footing

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Concerning the opinion piece "Personalizing the Constitution".

Mr. Adler begins his article by combining the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. This may be the way some people think but the fact of the matter is the Wyoming Supreme Court has noted that the Declaration of Independence is a declaration of war and is in no way a binding document on either the United States or the state of Wyoming. The primary reason the Declaration of Independence is not binding is because it was written before the United States existed, before even the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union (where, 5 full years after the Declaration, the colonies agreed to jointly oppose England. A time period when many started out wanting to stay with England but have their own Legislature/laws/taxes). One would think that if Mr. Adler is a leading constitutional expert he would realize this and not perpetuate a misunderstanding of the Declaration. But in this article he presents that the Declaration and Constitution are on equal footing which they are not, so I would not consider him to be exactly someone I would look for as that knowledgeable on the subject.



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