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Woodward: Vaping health concerns are minor by comparison

Woodward: Vaping health concerns are minor by comparison

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Vaping health concerns minor by comparison


An open letter to our Wyoming congressional representatives.

I’m concerned about the proposed vaping flavor ban. I enjoy vaping, and a big part of that is the wide variety of flavors. No decent human being wants children to vape, and the courts should come down hard on anyone selling these products to children. But it’s wrong to penalize the rest of us for the illegal actions of a few.

Regarding the deaths that have recently occurred, their number is very small, and reports show they likely involve adulterated products. It’s not right to use federal power to ban something that becomes harmful when it is misused. Almost anything can be made dangerous with enough stupidity.

Even when misused, the number of deaths is very small in comparison to other legal products that cause death. Peanuts, automobiles, dogs and alcohol (88,000 deaths per year) are all much more dangerous. Speaking of alcohol, according to the CDC teen alcohol use kills 4,700 people each year. Why aren’t you trying to ban flavored alcoholic beverages? Is it because teen alcohol deaths have been happening for so long that it’s not on anyone’s radar anymore? The tragic part is that alcohol doesn’t save lives, while vaping gets tens of thousands of people off of much more dangerous tobacco products. Banning almost all flavors will drive people back to real cigarettes, which according to the CDC kill about 68,000 times the number of people killed by vaping each year.

This ban will also put thousands of people out of work. It’s the small businesses that make most of their money on flavored e-juice. They can’t compete with big tobacco when it comes to unflavored e-cigs. These businesses will go under if a flavor ban is passed.

Republicans claim to be against federal overreach and for states rights, until something comes along that they find morally objectionable. Then they are as ready to regulate, ban and confiscate as any liberal. Please have the moral and intellectual integrity to allow individual states to address this issue.


A poem for the Black 14


I am a poet living in Mesa, Arizona. I was born and raised in Wyoming and graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1971. I was at the University during the Black 14 incident. I also worked in the psychology department with Tony Gibson. I wrote this poem recently as a tribute to the Black 14.

Black 14 (I was There)

I was there on October 1969

When racism raised its ugly

Hand in Wyoming

It was not on a ranch

In a voting booth

On a construction sight

But on a football field

(Jerome Berry

Jim Issac

John Griffin

Don Meadows

Earl Lee)

Where 14 men stood tall

In the eyes of justice

Where Wyoming education

Turned a blind eye

And could not see the future

History teaches us lessons

We forget with time

Colin Kaepernick knows that

Because his road was paved

With the shadows of the Black 14

On a cold day in Wyoming

(Tony McGee

Lionel Grimes

Mel Hamilton

Ron Hill

Willie Hysaw)

Where football took a back seat

To civil rights

The ghost of Rosa Parks

Was there

A witness to the separation

Of the races

On a football field

Time would speak the truth

About who was right

And who was wrong

Today we acknowledge the Black 14

For courage




(Tony Gibson

Ivie Moore

Ted Williams

Joe Williams)

Today we salute the Black 14

For teaching a lesson in Civil Rights

That will be remembered

Throughout all time


Still Obama’s fault?


I thought Trump was bringing back coal. Must still be Obama’s fault.



Desert Storm the original cause of 9/11


I become so, so weary with each proceeding anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist event as processed by whichever media. It still appears that all too few persons have learned anything from that tragic event, thanks to prejudice, the great divisor of men amongst mankind. Each and every human event conjures up an opportunity for learning, a spiritual trait.

I predicted the 9/11 event back in 1992 as retribution following the Desert Storm atrocity, as “a major event occurring in the U.S. killing a great many persons in their own country.” The U.N.’s position on Desert Storm, was to eradicate Kuwait of the Iraqi military. As Desert Storm began, the Iraqi military had virtually all left Kuwait and the Storm occurred nearly exclusively in Iraq, killing near to 250,000 Iraqi citizens in their own country. In our Casper Star-Tribune newspaper, 3 days following the headline, “Iraq takes over Kuwait,” came the headline, “ Iraq wants to negotiate.” However, truth has revealed the U.S. prefers to negotiate with the U.S. military, time and again.

Negotiations require the surrender of prejudice, which operates in the basis of ignorance and if you haven’t followed my discussion, your ignorance will keep you encaged in your own illusion, ego provided. If you are intelligent, you have realized that there were no terrorist attacks on U.S. interests whatsoever, before the Desert Storm atrocity, in our causal order universe. From pages 1991, 1992 and 2001 of 4,272 pages.

P.S. The 9/11 event was the expressed downing of idolatry in the U.S., spiritually stated, “Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me,” inclusive, period, no question mark but who knows?


The risk of nuclear storage is the cost


I’m interested in the current review — “Should Wyoming accept nuclear waste storage?” That was also proposed many years ago and I objected then.

Yes, it means a major injection of government money as the site is being prepared and as long as the federal government pays yearly maintenance costs. But this is my concern.

The federal government, whether it knows it or not, is already broke with major deficits projected well into the future. What would result if the federal government were to suddenly say, “We can no longer afford the maintenance costs — it is now Wyoming’s responsibility?”

Properly installed and secured, the safety risks are probably OK, but what will be the annual maintenance cost?

I’m old and no longer see the world through young eyes, no longer know the present details, but it’s something to think about.




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