Move on Wyoming. Solar and Wind energy can be just as profitable as Coal and YOU’LL ALWAYS HAVE THE RESOURCE AVAILABLE.

— Bob Cochran

Move on. Coal will provide a few jobs and some revenue for awhile longer, but we can’t live off coal anymore. It is time to quit living in a fantasy world and take real world action to expand the Wyoming economy and tax base. Virtually no one believes that coal has a future except for the people serving in the Wyoming legislature. Elected leaders have to step up and deal with facts, not dreams.

— Linda Anderson

Blackjewel failed because of negligent and extremely poor management. Political and economical challenges did not close Blackjewel.

— Rachel Krueger Logan

1. Stop blaming politicians for the decline of coal. 2. Accept that coal will never come back to previous levels. 3. Instead of trying to penalize the development of alternative energy sources with taxes, support the development of alternative energy sources then tax. 4. Seriously look at all forms of government income sources.

— Larry Gerber

Can we point out the fact that big government has been trying to kill the industry for years?

— Dakota Titus

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