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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration on Thursday detailed steps to achieve an ambitious goal to conserve nearly one-third of America’s lands and waters by 2030, relying on voluntary efforts to preserve public, private and tribal areas while also helping tackle climate change and create jobs.

Miller writes: 

The predictions of running out of natural resources continued at a fevered pitch during the first Earth Day. I remember a few years before thinking that we were going to run out of oil before I turned 16 and I would not be able to drive a “muscle car.”

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Fort writes:

Never forget that Western water law was set up to serve users, not rivers. And under Western states’ laws, cities own their treated sewage, meaning they can use it or sell it downstream as they wish. In fact, wastewater is such a reliable supply that it gets top value at Western water auctions.

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Wolski writes:

Wyoming is faced with two choices. Either concede to the demise of using Powder River coal as the fuel source to generate reliable, affordable electricity or respond the way Wyoming folks usually react, finding a commonsense solution by coming together and working for the better good.

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Schroeder writes in support of wind development:

Wildfires and severe drought will only worsen until we take serious steps away from burning carbon for energy. Unfortunately, because of older generations’ inaction, we’ve run out of time to be super picky about how to fix Wyoming’s economy and how we transition to renewable energy. We need to act.

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If you love watching Lori, Kevin, Barbara, Daymond, Robert, and Mark shooting down and building up innovative products from entrepreneurs, you’ve probably wondered which products are worth your investment. These 4 featured on Shark Tank products are a must for any environmentally conscious home owner or renter.

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Kitchen sponges are a must-have cleaning item, but traditional sponges usually harbor unwanted bacteria, odors, and mold if they aren’t switched frequently. These smart alternatives to disposable kitchen sponges will stay clean while they clean.

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The obvious solution is to decontaminate or “treat” this water until it might be fit for irrigation or other beneficial uses. That, of course, costs money, time and permanent employee salaries with which Aethon would prefer not to be burdened. 

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