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Between pets, lingering food scents, stinky shoes in the closet, and bathroom odors, our living spaces tend to collect plenty of unwanted smells over time. While you might try to mask these odors with air freshener, they tend to add another layer to the smells without eliminating them. So how do you get rid of scents without adding another? Try these air purifying charcoal bags from Colin & Bella.

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One day it’s sunny and 85 degrees outside, and the next you’re curled up on the couch in wool socks with a pumpkin chai. Fall is officially here and it’s time to get cozy. These warm and comfy bedroom essentials will help you stay warm well into winter.

Wellness trips offer the chance to indulge in yoga, spa treatments, nature hikes, and clean eating, so you can return to the real world rested and recharged. But before you bliss out completely, stock up on these nine products, which will help you sleep, exercise, relax, and simply feel better on your next wellness vacation.

Now that it’s fall and the holiday season is soon approaching, this month is a great time to get your guest room ready for visiting family and friends. You’ll want to make them as comfortable as possible — think extra pillows, a fluffy duvet cover and warm lighting. Whether you’re looking for small-space decorating ideas or the perfect bedside table, read on as this guest bedroom guide will have you covered.

Having a cat in the home doesn’t mean litter box odor is inevitable. These 4 great cat litter boxes are designed to eliminate unwanted odor and keep you and your cat happy.


If you’ve never brought a feline friend home before and you’re even a little fussy about your interiors, furniture or decor, you’ll want to answer a few questions first. Where will you put the litter box? What kind of upholstery and carpet do you have? How will you protect your cherished collection of Precious Moments from your always curious and very nimble pet? Here are four ways to help your cat live in harmony with your furniture.

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While summer temperatures may seem like they’ll never end, cooler days are just weeks away. These cozy and attractive throw blankets are the perfect way to add an extra layer of warmth to your bedroom or living room.

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A well-kept secret of interior designers is to use hospitality grade fabrics, even in residential settings. Why? Durability. These days, commercial fabrics are fun, modern, fresh and easily relatable in a residential environment. The downside is hospitality and commercial fabrics do tend to cost a bit more and may come in limited colors and patterns. The upside is the durability factor; spills will easily be able to be wiped away.

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Spiders have silk-producing glands in their bodies, specifically in their abdomen. In these glands they have the chemical components already put together to produce silk, but it’s in a liquid form.

Returning from vacation to a clean home is a sure way to keep your holiday mood going, even if it isn’t always easy to remember to clean up before you say “bon voyage.” But how nice would it be, when you’re weary from travel, to sink into a bed with clean sheets and wake up to a glistening kitchen the next morning? This summer, try out these 10 quick tips for tidying up your home before you leave, and your future self is sure to thank you.

Nothing cuts a fun day in the sun short like a serious sunburn. Making the most of your patio and avoiding burnout from midday heat requires shade, and these smart options will help you enjoy your outdoor space all summer long.

Maintaining a tidy home is hard enough without pets. And for those who do have a fluffy family member, animal hair, mud and less than rosy smells are a constant issue. Still, cleaning the house is not a lost cause for pet owners -- and with the right tools, preventing messes before they happen can become part of your routine. Read on for our top ten housekeeping picks for those with a dog, cat or other furry companion in their life.

If you’re making the most of the warm weather, you probably find yourself spending most summer weekends camping, fishing, at the beach, or by the pool. Hauling a heavy beach chair from place to place can put a damper on your summer fun, which is where this ultra-light camping chair from Marchway comes in in.


Summer is all about slowing down and taking the time to lounge around -- and who embraces this relaxed vibe better than your cat or dog? With these stylish pet accessories, you too can channel a mellow, bohemian beach style in your home this season. And you four-legged friend is sure to enjoy napping the day away on a new bed or playing endlessly with a new toy.

Maintaining a clean home can be exhausting, and you’re not alone if the thought of spending your Sunday doing house chores just seems impossibly boring. But having the right tools to keep your space tidy and organized can make the experience so much more enjoyable. Arm yourself with these attractive yet practical housekeeping devices -- and you might even have some fun doing the weekly chores.

Amazon’s furniture brand Rivet may be known for affordable mid-century modern style furniture, but their trendy textiles shouldn’t be missed. These throws, pillows, and rugs from Rivet are the perfect way to add a splash of style to your home.

There’s no place like a modern farmhouse to call home. It’s cozy, but not too country. It’s natural, but not too rustic. It’s the happy medium - and we do mean happy - between chic and comfortable. This style beckons you in to sit down and stay awhile. Use these 11 pieces to create the covetable look everyone’s really into right now.

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Whitney Asay invited a group of six women to pick out a pendant from the assortment she’d arranged on a tray. The participants in her boho jew…

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