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The coronavirus has tested the schooling system like nothing ever before. However, this is not the first time educators have had to adapt and …

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When people swooningly say “It’s the little things in life ...,” they’re clearly not parents talking about the endless blocks, crayons, hair scrunchies and folded notes that spill out of kids’ spaces and into every other room of the house. Rather than nagging your kid to clean his room every other day, try tackling the clutter at its source by investing in a generic piece of furniture, such as ...

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Be skeptical of a tax preparer who promises you the highest refund without knowing anything about your tax situation. They may be tempted to stretch the rules to meet that promise and leave you on the hook for the consequences. Research your tax preparer wisely, and don't let dollar signs be your only guide.

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Our team of experts has selected the best roof ladder hooks out of hundreds of models. Don't buy a roof ladder hook before reading these reviews.

Just like closets and kitchen cupboards, garages seem to be one place where no one ever has enough space. By the time you pack away off-season storage, bikes, mowers, shovels, rakes, and tools, there’s hardly any room left for the car. If your garage is feeling cramped, these heavy-duty hooks are the perfect way to go vertical and increase your storage space.

The star of "All the Stars" may seem to be Kendrick Lamar — and while he shines on the song — it's really SZA's sing-a-long hook and killer second verse that make this "Black Panther" track one of the year's best.

A well-decorated Christmas tree can bring holiday cheer every time you walk through your front door, but the actual process of decorating a tree is usually less joyful. If you find yourself frustrated by sparse branches and tangled bulbs before you even hang the ornaments, try these easy hacks for a more beautiful Christmas tree.

The wooden shelf is a beech butcher block from Ikea cut to size to fit the space. Visible at the top of the photo are two LED can lights that provide illumination. On the right side of the photo are two hooks for hanging drying clothes. Bjerkan placed a silver tray on the countertop so that her husband can empty everything from his pockets before throwing his clothes into the wash.

Don’t have enough space for a large unit? A bench and a few hooks will work wonders — you’ll have a spot to sit and change your shoes as well as a place for coats, scarves and backpacks. Add baskets beneath the bench to provide a home for wayward items like hats or flip-flops. You could even stash a tennis racquet or baseball bat behind the baskets.

If you have space near the entry, consider investing in a free-standing unit to act as your makeshift mudroom. Look for one that has a variety of components — hooks, shelves, maybe a bench — so it can multitask. And because it’s free-standing, you can take it with you if you move.

Thomas Jefferson suggested, “Do not bite at the bait of pleasure till you know there is no hook beneath it.” What he failed to mention is that…

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